Uncle Leon’s Honky-Tonk Relapse

Uncle Leon says goodbye to the single life

(and sings some songs too)

On Thursday, April 30th, Uncle Leon and the Alibis will return once again to the place of our birth, the one and only Hanks Saloon, for a night of classic country cover songs.

If you’re anywhere near Brooklyn, please come join us as we drunkenly butcher the back-catalogs of such legendary performers as Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, and Willie Nelson. (And if you’re lucky, we might even throw in an Uncle Leon song or two.) This will be an ongoing event, held the last Thursday of every month.

And yes, the rumors are true: We’ll be joined by our original drummer, the one and only Baby Maria!

You won’t hear any Luke Bryan or Brooks and Dunn at this party. And none of that Mumford and Sons bullshit either. Just a whole lot of lowdown, gritty, tear-in-your-beer, old-school Honky-Tonk, the way the good lord (and Hank) intended it.

Just in case that isn’t enough enticement… this will be Leon’s last show as an unmarried man. As such, the night will double as his unofficial bachelor party. Interpret that statement as you wish.

Please come out and help make this a night he’ll never remember!


Uncle Leon’s Honky-Tonk Relapse

Thursday, April 30th

Hank’s Saloon
46 3rd Ave. at Atlantic Ave.
Brooklyn, NY




“Swinging Doors” – Live at Couch By Couchwest

It’s been two years since Uncle Leon made his debut at the Couch By Couchwest festival, with his live-on-the-subway version of “Beer Train”.

This time, he took his act to the streets (and bathrooms) of Brooklyn, with a very special rendition of Merle Haggard’s classic drinking song, “Swinging Doors”. Leon performed the song live (and uninvited) at six different bars and a pizza joint, then spliced the performances together to create what might politely be described as a “loose” tribute to the song.

Special thanks goes out to all the local establishments that helped make this video happen—whether they knew it or not: Buttermilk, Canal Bar, Freddy’s Bar, Hank’s Saloon, Luigi’s Pizza, Mary’s Bar, and the one and only South.

See how many Brooklyn locales you can identify, and watch for the surprise “special guest” moment.

Couch By Couchwest is an annual online music festival, intended as a lazier, cost-effective alternative to its slightly more famous Texas counterpart. Or, as the organizers like to put it, “The beer is cheaper. And the only hipster is you.”

Each year, musicians from all over submit videos of themselves performing. The only real rules (as far as we can tell) are that it has to be an original live video, and it has to be shot anywhere except on a stage. They’ll be posting new videos all this week (March 15 – 21, 2015). Be sure to drop by and check out all the other great acts.

Visit Couch By Couchwest 2015

Brooklyn Country is Back!

Once upon a time, back when rent was cheap, dive bars still ruled the borough, and dinosaurs walked the streets, Uncle Leon founded a website called Brooklyn Country.

Since then, the site has undergone many changes (and a few owners), but its goal has always remained the same: To unite the scattered and varied inhabitants of New York City’s surprisingly fertile country-music scene.

Now Uncle Leon’s at the helm again, with a brand-new website:

The purpose of the new Brooklyn Country is simple: To provide a list of country music-related events within the five boroughs of New York City. A list that is created and updated entirely by you, the music-loving public.

The new Brooklyn Country is 100% user-generated. Anyone can sign up and submit an event or location—or make changes to their existing pages.

If you’re a country musician performing anywhere within the New York City limits—or a promoter of country music events— please drop by and start posting your events. If you’re not, please tell your friends who are!

To learn more about the new site, check out the About page.

To start posting, you can register at the Signup page.

Please help us spread the word!