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Uncle Leon’s Honky-Tonk Relapse

Consider yourself warned.

On Thursday, April 30th, Uncle Leon and the Alibis will return once again to the place of our birth, the one and only Hanks Saloon, for a night of classic country cover songs.

If you’re anywhere near Brooklyn, please come join us as we drunkenly butcher the back-catalogs of such legendary performers as Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, and Willie Nelson. (And if you’re lucky, we might even throw in an Uncle Leon song or two.)

You won’t hear any Luke Bryan or Brooks and Dunn at this party. And none of that Mumford and Sons bullshit either. Just a whole lot of lowdown, gritty, tear-in-your-beer, old-school Honky-Tonk, the way the good lord (and Hank) intended it.

And if that’s not enough enticement for you… rumor has it that we’ll be joined by our original drummer, the one and only Baby Maria!

This will be an ongoing event, held on the last Thursday of every month.

Please come out and make this first show a night to remember!

Uncle Leon’s Honky-Tonk Relapse

Thursday, April 30th

Hank’s Saloon
46 3rd Ave. at Atlantic Ave.
Brooklyn, NY




Natalie Mustang is a “Chic that Rocks”

If you’ve seen us in the past year or so, then you already knew that the newest Alibi, drummer Natalie Mustang, most definitely rocks.

Now the secret is out. A blog called The H Note, based out of our backyard in Long Island, New York, just proclaimed Natalie the latest star in its ongoing feature “L.I. Chics That Rock”.

Says Natalie: “Every time I walk onstage, sit behind my kit, and pick up my sticks – that 12 year old kid excitement rushes in and still bubbles through my blood long after the show is over! Living the dream? Hells Yes.”

Sadly, it looks like we may be losing Natalie to the wild backwoods of Florida for a while. She will be missed.

But when we get lonely for her, and need another dose of “that goofy smile”, we’ll just click on this article.


You can (try to) keep up with Natalie, and learn all about her badass metal band Thunderbox, at


It’s Official: We’re Walmart Famous

Other bands may have more fans. Or more money. Or more talent.

But it’s not every band that can say that their t-shirt made it onto People of Walmart.

We don’t know who this man is. Or how he exactly he squeezed into that (women’s-size-only) “Roller Derby Saved My Soul” tank top. But we thank him for it.

(Special thanks to Sweet Sherry Pie of the Gotham Girls Roller Derby for bringing this to our attention.)