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It’s Official: We’re Walmart Famous

Other bands may have more fans. Or more money. Or more talent.

But it’s not every band that can say that their t-shirt made it onto People of Walmart.

We don’t know who this man is. Or how he exactly he squeezed into that (women’s-size-only) “Roller Derby Saved My Soul” tank top. But we thank him for it.

(Special thanks to Sweet Sherry Pie of the Gotham Girls Roller Derby for bringing this to our attention.)

We’re “Proud” to Help

Uncle Leon and the Alibis Contribute to LGBTQ Benefit Compilation

Our friends at alt-country blog Adobe & Teardrops have teamed up with West Virginia-based Russian Winter Records to release Proud, a compilation CD to benefit LGBTQ youth organization FIERCE.

The album is slated to be released on June 28th, 2014, to coincide with the New York City Heritage of Pride March.

Lending their talents to this album are ten alt-country artists spanning the gender and sexuality spectrum. They are united by their dedication to honest music and unique worldviews: the very definition of pride.

Proud will include the song “Don’t Blame This Guitar” by Uncle Leon and the Alibis, as well as tracks from Brooklyn-based queer country band Karen and the Sorrows, Atlanta rocker Sonia Tetlow, and recent Uncle Leon co-headliners (and fellow Couch by Couchwest alumni) Miss Shevaugnh and Yuma Wray.

The ten-track album will be sold for $10 digitally via Russian Winter Records‘ Bandcamp page and on 500 limited-edition CDs. 25% of the proceeds will be donated to FIERCE. If the minimum of 500 CDs are sold, FIERCE will be able to hire an additional two interns for the next fiscal year.


Photo by Dom Sindayiganza

Best. Show. Ever.

Thanks, Hometown!

We don’t say this sort of thing often. But our May 31st show at Brooklyn’s Hometown Bar-B-Que was arguably one of the best gigs we’ve ever played.

The place was packed with old friends (and a few new ones). The sweet smell of slow-smoked meat filled every dark corner of Hometown’s two massive rooms. Beth Lee and the Breakups, deep in the middle of their first summer tour, did a killer job of warming up the stage, and showed a room full of New Yorkers why exactly Austin has the reputation that it does.

The cooler full of beer certainly didn’t hurt—and neither did the bottle of tequila, courtesy of Hometown owner (and barbecue master) Billy Durney, who jumped onstage and hyped the band in his usual low-key and understated way. Twice.

Contrary to what the photos might convey, we did actually manage to bust out a few songs between all the tequila shots.

Blame it on the food, or the room, or maybe just the giant pack of die-hard fans who immediately started to dance their asses off—and didn’t stop until the last chords of the second encore were through—but it was one of those rare, thrilling nights when everything seemed to come together just right for us.

Huge thanks to Hometown Bar-B-Que, Beth Lee and the Breakups, and all of you who made the journey out to Red Hook and made this such a tremendous night.

And for those of you who missed it, here’s the next best thing: A collection of photos by our old pal Cory A. Dann. You can see his photos here.



All photos are copyright © Cory A. Dann 2014. Check out the complete photo album here.