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“A Band to Pay Attention To”

March 1st, 2013

Wild Ways Album Review – Adobe and Teardrops

By Rachel C.

I was at my place of work for 12 hours today. Listening to parents yell at their screw-up children as if I’d never called them to tell them what their kids are or aren’t doing. What I need is a stiff drink and music to accompany it.

Thankfully, Uncle Leon and the Alibis have provided the world with the perfect soundtrack for just such an evening.

(PS — The cover photo is more or less what I look like right now. Ain’t no way I’m creating materials for tomorrow. Blurgh.)

I’ve already told you that Uncle Leon is a band to pay attention to. They have a take-no-prisoners attitude to their music. But that doesn’t make them deadly serious. Uncle Leon’s wry outlook on life leads to some infectious pop tunes. The band never hits a wrong note—musically or emotionally. Alternating between thoughtful contemplation (“It Ain’t That Easy”) to ribald (“Whiskey and Weed and Big-Titted Women”), but never crass.

Fact is, Uncle Leon wants you to have a good time. This is foot-stomping, honky-tonk stuff that’s designed to be played live.

Go forth, purchase, and be fruitfully shwasted.


Wild Ways is available for streaming and download here.

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