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Music Reviews

We Made the Top Ten!

"Talk Derby to Me" - PBS Documentary
December 12, 2013

This Minnesota-based public television documentary features both of our derby-themed songs.


“Essential Listening”

March 26, 2013

This isn’t so much an album as a dog-eared, dusty map spanning the entire soundscape that defines Americana music and distinguishes it (thankfully) from pop-oriented new country. Read more...

“Cowpunk Demigods”

The Bluesbunny
Glasgow, Scotland
March 24, 2013

All the expected themes—especially the love of a good woman and alcohol—are present, but there’s also an air of maturity to the music that will surprise a lot of listeners. Read more...

“The Sort of Uncle Who Turns Up Drunk at Family Reunions”

27 Leggies
London, UK
March 24, 2013

On some tracks there are signs that underneath his brash exterior there is a sensitive fellow trying to get out. Not this track, though. Read more...

“A Band to Pay Attention To”

Adobe and Teardrops
March 1, 2013

Uncle Leon's wry outlook on life leads to some infectious pop tunes. The band never hits a wrong note—musically or emotionally. Read more...

“Essential Listening for Every Roots Revival Enthusiast”

Popa's Tunes
February 27, 2013

The Uncle's got the vocal chords of Nashville's greats piped straight from his gut, backed by musicians that sound like they've played on every Sun session ever recorded.


“The Word ‘Dirty’ Comes to Mind”

Brooklyn Country
February 20, 2013

"There is a tenderness to the delivery of singer Leon Chase that adds an extra layer of truth to the narrative in the songs. There are times that he reminded me of a cross between Elvis and Brett from the Handsome Family. You believe that he has experienced the songs themselves, whether true or not."