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Don’t Blame This Guitar

Words and music copyright © Leon Chase 2012.

As performed on the album Wild Ways.



Don’t blame this guitar for the way things are
I screw up just as well with nothing in my hand
Don’t blame the road for the life that I chose
’cause the truth is I was just that kind of man

Don’t pay no mind to the ones who criticize
Girl, you been place they’re too scared to ever go
And come judgement day, no one can ever say
I didn’t love you just as hard as I can

Don’t blame my friends for the messes I got in
You know damn well nobody tells me what to do
Don’t blame my folks for all the trouble I provoked
You know they tried to raise me right and I refused

Don’t stand too close to the doubters and the fools
You know they only stick around to watch you bleed
And when the storm subsides, you’ll still be standing by my side
and girl you know that’s all I’ll ever really need

I been stumbling down this road
too long to let it die
And though I ain’t got much to show,
girl, I got nothing left to hide
We’ve been through hell and heartache
and came out the other side
It’s enough to keep you going if you try

Don’t blame the booze for my bad attitude
You know it don’t take much to make me feel insane
Don’t blame my life for the trouble in my eyes
You know that some things in this world don’t ever change

Don’t waste your time chasing down the bottom line
It’ll only leave you crawling in the end
So keep your head held high and don’t let nothing pass you by
You never know which way your ship is coming in

I never claimed to be anything
more than what you see tonight
And if that ain’t enough, then I guess I’ll just
keep rolling down the line
If I had my way I’d spend every day
in the arms of your spotlight
It’s enough to keep me going if I try


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