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“Good Uncle, Bad Spaghetti…”

April 2nd, 2011

From The Music is This Way – New York City

A 7 o’clock start on a Saturday evening is a tough start time especially when you are competing with probably the nicest day of the year so far and the Final Four. Regardless, we were there for for some cowpunk/country music and Uncle Leon backed by his Alibis set us off in the right direction. Leon brings a boozy country with a little bit of a rowdy side that blends an attitude of all the greats like Cash, Hank, Merle & Waylon. Their song ‘Roller Derby Saved My Soul’ garnered them praise from roller derby clubs world wide asking them to come play their events. Roller derby leagues in the midwest will never be the same following Leon & The Alibis tours there the past two summers. These guys will give you an education on gritty country, drink you under the table then help you up and give you a free copy of their recent live release ‘Thats My Shit’. That’s just how they roll. It was shame that they only had an hour to play tonight since once their ‘Beer Train’ gets rolling the show just gets better and better.

Catch their two upcoming shows at the Rodeo Bar in NYC (May 8 & June 5) where they will be playing two sets each night. They are also putting together a tour that will take them to the Heavy Rebel Weekender festival in Winston-Salem NC over July 4th weekend. [Sadly, that ended up not happening. – UL] Heavy Rebel is a rock n roll dream weekend with ‘over 90 bands, kustom cars & bikes, burlesque, mud wrestling, beer drinking competition and more’. I’m not sure I would need MORE, but sign me up and go see Uncle Leon & The Alibis.

Up next was Eddie Spaghetti. Eddie is the lead singer of punk & roll band, The Supersuckers, which I absolutely love. I will make this review as simple as he made his show:

He introduced himself as ‘one quarter of the greatest rock n roll band in the world, The Supersuckers’.
**This is a self proclaimed statement that the band has always used and is only the beginning of kitschy things to come during the set.

Told us he would end each song with ‘Cha Cha Cha’ so we knew that the song had ended then raised his hand up showing the rock n roll devils horn. Over and over and over.
**Uhh, Eddie. It’s 8:30 on a Saturday night and there are 75 people here. This isn’t the type of venue where people just walk in off the street because they hear music blaring. We’re fans. We are here to see you. We know your songs. Don’t treat us like we are idiots.

Took request most of the set and played a lot of Supersuckers songs.

Told a funny story about being on Willie Nelsons bus and getting high with him
**Everybody loves a good Willie story.

Played more songs about smoking weed than you would hear at a Cypress Hill show.
**Real rock stars graduate to heroin.

Introduced a song by saying “this is probably the only song ever written referring to Jesus as a fuckin’ faggot”
**Oh no! He didn’t just say that? Mind you this is a cover song by someone called the Lee Harvey Oswald Band. You don’t include that song on your album and make that statement without trying to get some publicity a big reaction from the crowd. Tonight’s reaction was the sound of crickets.

Thanked the opening band as Uncle uhh Leo and the uhhhh Alabees.
**Leo? Alabees? Nice. Way to disrespect the band that just opened up for you. Should you ever meet Jesus, here’s hoping he refers to you as Eddie Meatball then raises his hand up giving you the Rock n Roll Devils horns

Simply put. The other three quarters of the greatest rock n roll band in the world were missing tonight.

Cha Cha Cha


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