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“This isn’t so much an album as a dog-eared, dusty map spanning the entire soundscape that defines Americana music and distinguishes it (thankfully) from pop-oriented new country.”


“The Uncle’s got the vocal chords of Nashville’s greats piped straight from his gut, backed by musicians that sound like they’ve played on every Sun session ever recorded.”

Popa’s Tunes

“Uncle Leon is a band to pay attention to. The band never hits a wrong note — musically or emotionally.”

Adobe and Teardrops

“Uncle Leon is not your typical babe magnet. But he pulls demographics that your average bunch of Strokes wannabes would kill for.”

Lucid Culture

“We’re playing country in New York. We can’t pull a lot of attitude.”

The Village Voice


Recent Press Articles

March 15th, 2015

It’s been two years since Uncle Leon made his debut at the Couch By Couchwest festival, with his live-on-the-subway version of “Beer Train”.

This time, he took his act to the streets (and bathrooms) of Brooklyn, with a very special rendition of Merle Haggard’s classic drinking song, “Swinging Doors”. Leon performed the song live (and uninvited) at six different bars and a pizza joint, then spliced the performances together to create what might politely be described as a “loose” tribute to the song.

Special thanks goes out to all the local establishments that helped make this video happen—whether they knew it or not: Buttermilk, Canal Bar, Freddy’s Bar, Hank’s Saloon, Luigi’s Pizza, Mary’s Bar, and the one and only South.

See how many Brooklyn locales you can identify, and watch for the surprise “special guest” moment.

Couch By Couchwest is an annual online music festival, intended as a lazier, cost-effective alternative to its slightly more famous Texas counterpart. Or, as the organizers like to put it, “The beer is cheaper. And the only hipster is you.”

Each year, musicians from all over submit videos of themselves performing. The only real rules (as far as we can tell) are that it has to be an original live video, and it has to be shot anywhere except on a stage. They’ll be posting new videos all this week (March 15 – 21, 2015). Be sure to drop by and check out all the other great acts.

Visit Couch By Couchwest 2015

February 6th, 2015

If you’ve seen us in the past year or so, then you already knew that the newest Alibi, drummer Natalie Mustang, most definitely rocks.

Now the secret is out. A blog called The H Note, based out of our backyard in Long Island, New York, just proclaimed Natalie the latest star in its ongoing feature “L.I. Chics That Rock”.

Says Natalie: “Every time I walk onstage, sit behind my kit, and pick up my sticks – that 12 year old kid excitement rushes in and still bubbles through my blood long after the show is over! Living the dream? Hells Yes.”

Sadly, it looks like we may be losing Natalie to the wild backwoods of Florida for a while. She will be missed.

But when we get lonely for her, and need another dose of “that goofy smile”, we’ll just click on this article.


You can (try to) keep up with Natalie, and learn all about her badass metal band Thunderbox, at www.missnataliemustang.com.


August 21st, 2014

Other bands may have more fans. Or more money. Or more talent.

But it’s not every band that can say that their t-shirt made it onto People of Walmart.

We don’t know who this man is. Or how he exactly he squeezed into that (women’s-size-only) “Roller Derby Saved My Soul” tank top. But we thank him for it.

(Special thanks to Sweet Sherry Pie of the Gotham Girls Roller Derby for bringing this to our attention.)

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