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“Essential Listening for Every Roots Revival Enthusiast”

February 27th, 2013

Wild Ways Album Review – Popa’s Tunes

By David Horton

Brooklyn’s Uncle Leon and the Alibis’ album Wild Ways is like a late-night stumble and tumble into the last neon-sign-lit smokey bar, open way past last call. Deliriously bleary eyed, you find a seat in the corner next to a lady named Big Maybelle, order a beer and a shot, glance leeringly at Maybelle and toast “Fuck It”. Then the music catches your attention and, coming over old tube amps, loud and raunchous, Uncle Leon and the Alibis are playing their unique brand of whiskey-fused, roadhouse honky tonk, capturing your mood completely.

“Whiskey, women, pills and booze still can’t kill these lonesome blues”. They’re in your head, man—what are they doing in your head? You look around and everyone’s a’ bipping and bopping to the music—they’re in everyone’s head man! Your eyes clear a bit, you sing along a few verses, and in a minute you’re foot-stomping and hootin’ and a’ hollerin’ with the crowd. Fuck the world!

The Uncle’s got the vocal chords of Nashville’s greats piped straight from his gut, backed by musicians that sound like they’ve played on every Sun session ever recorded. Essential listening for every roots revival enthusiast.

Rating: Four Levi Buttons


Wild Ways is available for streaming and download here.

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